Southwest Technology Consultants

  Excellence In:
Statistical Consulting
Statistical Training
Data Analysis

STC can assist your organization with:

  • Analyzing, displaying, and interpreting statistical data

  • Performing uncertainty and sensitivity analyses for computer models

  • Developing test protocols for FDA approval on new medical technologies

  • Auditing computer models used in risk assessment and property damage loss

  • Developing statistical methodology for telephony applications

  • Designing, analyzing, and interpreting industrial statistical experiments

  • Optimizing industrial soldering processes to increase yield

  • Making decisions on the use of conformal coating on printed wiring boards

  • Optimizing marathon tests for semiconductor equipment

  • Establishing reliable low-residue soldering processes

  • Implementing and maintaining SPC programs

  • Analyzing costs and cost-benefits

  • Evaluating sensors for total organic carbon in ultra pure water used in IC fabs

Contact Information

Phone: 505 856-6500